JLaw and Joel Edgerton are rumoured to be dating

Rebekah Scanlan

Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton play on-screen lovers in their latest movie, Red Sparrow.

Now it seems the pair may have fallen in love in real life, with rumours reportedly 'swirling throughout Hollywood' that the Hunger Games star is dating the 43-year-old Australian actor, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The pair's chemistry has been undeniable during their recent public appearances to promote the flick, with the co-stars openly holding hands and even intertwining fingers at the London premiere.

Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly dating Aussie actor Joel Edgerton. Source: Getty

The report added the pair had been enjoying 'private moments' as well as being seen chatting and laughing away on their red carpet trips.

Neither have come forward to confirm if the whispers are true, but Sydney-born Joel did leap to JLaw's defence during a recent gender inequality debate that arose from a dress she wore during a London promo together, which saw Joel and his male counterparts all wearing heavy coats, saying it was a 'lose-lose situation'.

“Yesterday, on the balcony, seemed like a lose-lose situation because if Jennifer wore jeans and a coat I’m sure somebody else would have criticised her,” Joel told Yahoo UK. "Everywhere Jennifer goes she’s part of some international incident.”

They play on-screen lovers in their new movie Red Sparrow. Source: Getty
Look at those hands! They appear to be very comfortable together. Source: Getty

The 27-year-old Oscar winner split with her director boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky, 49, last November, while Joel hasn't had a serious relationship since his engagement to Alexis Blake until 2013 when he broke things off to 'focus on his career'.

We'll have to wait and see if the buzz around these two is as hot as people say it is, but Jen and Joel certainly has a ring to it.

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