Worst job interview screw-ups

Aletha Wilkinson

Job interviews are tough. No matter how well-prepared you feel, it's easy to walk away feeling like you put your foot in it somehow.

But your worst-ever interview probably won't be as bad as these Redditors' stuff-ups...

'Don't say anything stupid. Don't say anything stupid.' Source: Getty

"I was interviewing an older (probably in his early to mid 60s) grandfatherly man for a position as a caregiver to individuals with developmental disabilities, and the man was an absolute perfect fit according to his résumé. The only problem was that every other word out of his mouth was either f*ck or b*tch. 'So, my b*tch and I went to the f*cking Garden of the Gods last week and we had a great f*cking time! Those rocks were f*cking huge!' I kind of have a feeling that he nuked the interview on purpose to keep on unemployment until retirement kicked in."

"A question we sometimes use involves planning a response to an impending emergency. One recent female applicant decided that it was the morally correct thing to do to leave the most elderly, disabled and vulnerable people behind to die in the impending tidal wave because it would take additional effort and money to take them to safety and 'they don't contribute anything to society.'"

'And when did you lose your moral compass, exactly?' Source: Getty

"I asked the candidate if he considered himself a punctual person. He responded with, 'well I'm not a grammar nazi or anything.'"

"Brought his mom in with him - who answered the questions I was asking him until I asked her wait outside.
His only work experience was paper route he kept for less than two months and mowing his neighbor's lawn.
It was clearly an enormous effort for this poor guy to communicate in anything but one-word answers. He looked genuinely relieved when the interview was over.
Dude was 22 years old."

"Had an applicant that was probably 17 show up with his girlfriend, they sat and held hands waiting for him to be called in. When I went out to meet him he asked if she could come in too.
No. No she can't.
To clarify, he wanted to bring her into the interview room. They were both already waiting together in the building. "

"We once had an internal applicant lie about what he did at the company that we all work for.
He worked on the Helpdesk doing basic computer setups and first level troubleshooting. He claimed he designed, installed and managed the phone systems at our company.
The best part of his lie was he was applying into the infrastructure team that did design, install and manage the companies phone system. He didn't get to the interview stage but that would have been hilarious.
I'm willing to bet he put a bunch of lies on his resume when applying externally and either forgot to remove it or submitted the wrong resume. "

'Er, it says here you're the CEO of this company. Are you sure?' Source: Reddit

"Once saw a guy doing a quick forklift driving test as part of an interview.
He gets on, hits the acceleration a tad too hard, and tears a chunk out of the wall near the boss's office.
Guy gets off, sighs, looks at the interviewer, and says, '... no chance, right?'"

'Hahahahaha... no.' Source: Getty

"Guy threw a beer can in the trash can before coming in to the interview. When asked about it he said, 'It was just one drink. To take the edge off.' did not get job."

"'So, tell us about yourself a bit.' I've always taken that question to mean 'where did you go to college, what have you been doing since college, what are your general goals?'
Not this candidate. He proceeded to tell us his life story, taking 25-30min out of what was supposed to be a 40min interview, tops. Our team did not need to know anything about his childhood, much less 20 minutes' worth. He was not brought back for a second interview."

"He offered to sell me drugs."

Pro tip: Don't bring illicit substances to an interview. Source: Getty

"I had a guy show up for his interview drunk, wearing a powder blue tuxedo jacket. The interview didn't last long, but before it was over he was crying about his uncle who had died. We asked him how long he had been gone: 6 years."

"Had a woman show up with her six kids. They ran around the lobby screaming and yelling the entire time my boss interviewed her. Afterwards she demanded that we let her kids use the bathroom, which was for employees only, since she 'obviously nailed that shit.'"

'I've made a huge mistake.' Source: Getty

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