Rejected Bachelorette says she 'hates' Matty J

Natasha Lee

Some people in life are strong enough to take rejection on the chin... Laura-Ann Rullo is not one of those people.

The 27-year-old has taken her anger over her elimination from The Bachelor to a whole new level by announcing that she 'hates' Bachelor Matty J and that he can 'bite her'.

Laura says farewell to Matty J. Source: Network Ten

Although, given he deided to vote her off the show, it's unlikely he is keen to undertake such a request.

The criminal lawyer was the first woman to get the heave-ho from the reality TV show and immediately decided to change up her look following her heartbreak.

Laura was NOT HAPPY JAN about her elimination. Source: Network Ten

Taking to Instagram the formally black-haired beauty showed off her new blonde locks with the caption: "This morning I woke up in Italty with blonde hair"

The trip away comes after Laura-Anne posted a photo of her and Matty J to Instgram with the comment: "So things didn’t go to plan last night, but that’s the beauty about life, stumbling into the unexpected adventures, meeting new people who make our heart warm and embracing this rollercoaster we call life."

Blonde hair don't care. Source: Instagram

But that wasn't all the criminal lawyer had to say.

In another post she wrote: "I decided against byoing my own rose and casually strolling into the rose ceremony like ‘don’t worry bae, I got chu’ (sic).
"Rose ceremonies... It’s a no from me #packingit #hateyou #biteme"

Laura with Matty J at the ill-fated cocktail party. Source: Network Ten

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