Is this the world’s friendliest hotel?

Matthew Kelly

With the rise in Airbnb, many people have decided to opt away from staying in hotels when holidaying.

I’ve used Airbnb so many times over the past year, from travelling around Europe to needing a place to crash after the work Christmas party. I've met so many incredible people from different walks of life and saved that much money that I thought I would never stay in a hotel again - until I stayed at the Langham Melbourne.

My reaction when walking into The Langham

The moment I walked through the doors at the Langham Melbourne, I felt like Kevin McCallister walking through the hotel lobby at The Plaza in Home Alone. Yes, the décor was amazing, but, it was the staff who were the true stars.

Before checking in I was greeted on three occasions and the doorman even took a candid Instagram snap for me, without judgment; now that's service!

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Throughout my stay, the quality of hospitality never dropped, from the incredible attendant who brought up my bags, to the room service staff dealing with my chilled water diva demands at 1AM - what happens when you have too many wines and don’t hydrate - but nothing was ever too much for the staff.

Distress and be merry at The Langham's Jacuzzi

The location of Langham is also totally on point. The hotel is positioned in the trendy Melbourne art district, right around the corner from the National Gallery of Victoria, the Botanical Gardens and a whole lot of cute cafes. Plus, it's only a nine-minute walk to the CBD, a great way to burn off all those pastries you ate at breakfast!

Or if you prefer to stay in, the hotel's spa and fitness centre - complete with Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna - will help you distress, be merry and save your relationships. I mean let's face it, there's always an argument when travelling with people; from your parents asking you when you’re going to get your life together, to the moment your partner realises you dated other people before them, a spa day makes dealing with the drama a whole lot easier.

The hotel's buffet breakfast is what dreams are made of!

The incredible location and hospitality the Langham offers is something that will make hotels stand strong in the rise of modern accommodation services.


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