Man's terrifying encounter with a cannibal

Rebekah Scanlan

Footage of a man being forced to eat human brains and drink from a skull by a cannibal has re-emerged online, with viewers saying he was "extremely lucky" to have escaped the dangerous scenario. Watch it unfold below.

Journalist Reza Aslan was filming for a documentary where he dived into the the goings-on of an flesh-eating sect called the Aghori's, who openly eat their dead.

But he was left visibly terrified when things dramatically escalated and he was made to take part in their cultural traditions.

Journalist Reza Aslan met a real-life cannibal in a spine tingling video. Source: CNN

As soon as Aslan starts speaking, the leader appears to anger and threatens to "cut off his head" if he continues talking.

This clearly scares the man — who let's be honest here, is face-to-face with a RL cannibal — and he asks the camera crew to distract the Aghori's.

The confrontation was part of a documentary but things escalated very quickly. Source: CNN

"I feel that this may have been a mistake," he says calmly, while looking visibly shaken. "Maybe, somebody, like distracts him and I'll just leave."

Viewers of the clip, which originates from the start of 2017 but has since garnered attention recently again on Reddit, are quick to comment on the footage, saying he's lucky the tribe didn't turn on him.

The tribe made him eat human brains and drink from a skull. Source: CNN
They drank liquor from a human skull. Source: CNN

"The fact that he is still alive at all is fu*king mind-blowing to me," one wrote, while another said the Aslan's fear is probably making him a "target."

Somehow, he manages to find his cool, and follows the fierce instructions of the clan which include drinking something potent from a skull and eating human brains.

It's enough to make anyone's skin crawl.

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