RHOS' Athena's diva confession

Emma Shepherd

Fans of The Real Housewives Of Sydney are aware of Athena X Levendi's eccentric character, and now the star has revealed she'd go to any extent to end filming on set, especially when faced with the "cruelness" of the other housewives.

Speaking exclusively to Be, the mother-of-two says that the long filming days were hard for her and that she'd "flip a table" to be able to go home if she had reached her wit's end.

Athena X Levendi talks to Be exclusively about secrets of filming season one of RHOS. Source: Supplied

"I'm a creative, I get bored very easily so when nothing was happening whilst filming the producers would say 'we are going to be here for another 4 hours' so I'd just flip a table and say we are done we can all go home now," she chuckles.

Not even her regular meditation practices could reign in the reality star when her temper flared.

“All of my spirituality and my meditation didn’t work... I flunked," she admits.

And when asked if she had any regrets about her erratic behaviour in season one, she says she's learnt a valuable lesson.

"I learnt that in life you’re better off taking a step back, breathing, thinking and then react rather than just react," she tells Be.

The 41-year-old also admits that she struggled with not reacting to the "cruelness" of the other housewives.

“I would never create a click of women and isolate one woman, I can't do that, it’s not in my nature.”

She confessed that her meditation and spiritual practises couldn't safe her from the wrath of the other women. Source: Supplied

She continued, "It's just cruel, I was reacting to the cruelness from four older mature women, they were basically running a campaign running me down and labelling me.”

The mother-of-two goes on to reveal that there were aspects of her private life she did not wish to share on the show and that a lot of the time she came across as the "villain."

“A lot of the viewers don’t know that there were certain things that were said to me that was way below the belt which were part of my contract that had to deal with family things, that definitely was not going to aired," the housewife confesses.

"But because it makes great television my reactions were displayed, but what was said previously to me by the ladies was not," she adds.

The Real Housewives of Sydney will return for season two. Source: Supplied

The star reveals that filming often felt like being in a "pressure cooker situtation" and that the ladies had to "follow storylines."

The jewellrey designer admits that some arguments may not have happened if the cameras had not been there.

"It's reality in the sense that we are real women not actors playing a scenario but we do get interrupted 10 times in the middle of a conversation," she reveals.

"So ultimately we are all aware there are cameras and we are all behaving in a certain way that perhaps without the cameras in a different setting, without the pressure we would respond and act in a very different way."

The Real Housewives Of Sydney season one home release will be available on November 15th.

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