Are Richie and Alex officially done?

Amy Stevenson

They fell in love and sucked each other's faces off last year on The Bachelor, but it seems the final petal really has dropped on Richie Strahan and Alex Nation's romance.

While Richie this week "refused to shut down speculation" he and the 25-year-old had called it a day, Alex has gone on to post a very cryptic message suggesting not all is well in the land of love.

Are Alex and Richie still together? You would think not given Alex's latest post. Source: Instagram
Alex's cryptic and very subtle message. Source: Instagram

Uploading a post to her Instagram Story, Alex wrote "My heart" over a pitch black screen while a cover of the song Jealous, which was originally by Labrinth, played in the background.

Once described as "heart-breaking ballad", the song includes the lyrics "cause I wished you the best of all this world could give and I told you" and "I told you when you left me/there's nothing to forgive, but I always thought you'd come back/tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery/It's hard for me to say I'm jealous of the way you're happy without me."

Cryptic, very cryptic. And subtle, very subtle.

Meanwhile Richie, who was seen enjoying a solo vacay in Bali last month, did nothing to shut down the speculation he's back on the market. Again.

In happier times. Source: Instagram
Richie's solo selfie. Source: Instagram
Fans want answers. Source: Instagram
Alex and Elijah but no Richie. Source: Instagram

"A downcast Strahan danced around the issue and refused to shut down speculation that the couple had broken up," The Daily Telegraph reported on Thrusday after approaching the 32-year-old about his relationship.

Last month Be did a deep into the couple's barely-a-year-old relationship after it had been plagued with rumours of fights and break-ups, with fans speculating whether or not "Rilex" have relaxed on their PDA and called it a day.

Like all good relationship speculation, the latest round of rumours they'd cooled their bananas stemmed from Richie's solo holiday, after the former reality star shared snaps from his tropical location.

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The couple posted photos of each other regularly. Source: Instagram
Give the people what they want. Answers. Source: Instagram
Is love dead? Source: Instagram

Fans grilled Richie, commenting on the photos and asking whether or not he and Alex were still dating, however their pleas for reasurrance that they're still a couple sadly went unanswered.

Diving deeper, the Bachelorette reject hasn't shared a photo of himself with Alex since May 22, surprising many who once were under the impression sharing their PDA-filled couple photos was a national pasttime for Rilex.

And while Alex has shared a series of cute snaps of her son Elijah, there's been nothing of her and Richie since April 25, when the model dedicated a loving post to her man after they walked the red carpet together at this year's Logie Awards.

Whether Richie and Alex will ever address their relationship status remains to be seen, but in the meantime let the speculation reign supreme.

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