Ricky Martin fan paid over $100k to kiss the singer!

Jennifer Fletcher
Yahoo7 Entertainment


A female Ricky Martin fan paid over $100,000 to kiss the latino singer!

Ana Paolo Diniz out bid others vying the kiss the Puero Rican star at an auction in Sao Paulo in Brazil to raise money for AIDs.

Ricky and Ana. Photo: Instagram

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The pair were filmed locking lips (tongues and everything) by event goer, Antonio Camarotti, and it looks like dog breeder Ana got her money’s worth!

“I know I’m attractive to both men and women and I don’t believe in sexual labels, we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs,” Ricky, 42, recently told Mexico’s Fama! Magazine.

Also present at the bash was Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss and Ricky’s new boyfriend Jwan Yosef.

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