The most ridiculous things overheard at fashion week

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When you're an entertainment reporter covering the country's most prestigious fashion event, what do you do?

Listen in on everyone's juicy conversations, of course!

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We put our ears to the ground during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and certainly overheard some outrageous things in between shows and the hundreds of selfies.

You won't believe what we've overheard (so far!) at fashion week. Photo: Getty Images

"I've caught the fashion flu" -- one fashion fatigued star said at the after party.

"They're out of French [champagne]. We're leaving" -- another claimed when the champagne ran dry at the after party.

"I can't wait to crawl into bed and order pizza" -- How to avoid fashion fatigue? Carb loading.

"What the hell was that smell on the boat?" - A sound guy wasn't happy about the pong fumes on Camilla's jungle barge.

"Oh my god, I'm catching dumb..." -- Overheard in the media room. Ouch.

"Meet my dog...she's a lesbian!" -- The ultimate street style accessory is a well-dressed pooch!

"OH MY GOD the zipper just broke on my pants!" -- It's a fashion emergency, you guys!

"Glitter is the STD of the makeup world" -- Heard backstage pre-runway show.

"Oh my god, her face just does not move, does it?" -- when one serial frow-er took her seat next to the runway.

"Excuse me, but it seriously looks like your high heel is about to snap in half!" -- Fashionistas are a caring bunch.

"This outfit is so's It's going right up my...@$&!" -- A fashionista (accidentally) reveals the price you pay to wear designer clothes.

"I swear to God I just saw a lady wearing a blue bath towel as a dress!" -- Clearly this guy hasn't heard of the word 'FARSHUN'

"Have you heard Sydney might not even get a winter this year? That's major global warming...but it's hard to be sad about it when it's this sunny in May" -- This is what you talk about pre-show while waiting around in the unseasonably warm weather.

"It looks like you could blow her over" -- one attendee criticising 'skinny' models at the Maticevski show.

"Nobody eats here! What do you mean I can't get a burger on site?" -- Tully Smyth from Big Brother is getting hangry...

"I spent $50 at that place, and I'm still starving!" -- Tully Smyth, after finally finding food (obviously not enough...)

Big Brother star Tully Smyth just really wanted a burger! Photo: Instagram

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"It's the NBA playoffs are this week, so none of these shows better interfere with my watching schedule!" -- A cameraman who clearly isn't very FARSHUN minded.

"These shoes hurt my feet so much. I actually had to go and sit in the bathroom just now to take a rest.." -- Beauty is pain, my friend.

"I shoot street style...Wherever the show is, I go..." -- Travelling the world. Must be nice for some!

"Please remind me to put more effort into my outfit tomorrow...I feel so under-done!" -- It's all about the clothes you wear at Fashion Week, darlings!

"All these models literally all look the same!" -- another very confused cameraman walking around Carriageworks.

"Do you have any food?" -- Forget the fashion, it's all about what everyone's got to eat!

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