Ring In The New Year With Champagne Fondue

Yahoo! NZ

You might not be ready for this tasty treat just yet but we are going to share it with you anyway. Four words: WHITE CHOCOLATE CHAMPAGNE FONDUE. Cue the "hallelujahs." Our RightThisMinute how-to guru, Jessica Hord has really outdone herself this time. You'll Need: -- 1/2 cup heavy cream -- 1/2 cup white chocolate chips -- 3 squares of white baking chocolate -- 3 tbsp champagne -- Optional for dipping: strawberries, grapes, angel food cake, pretzel bread Instructions 1. On low heat, stir together the cream, chocolate chips, and baking chocolate until smooth. 2. Once smooth, take off of heat and stir in champagne. 3. Pour into fondue pot or a warm bowl or even a slow cooker and serve with items for dipping. You're done!