The Hype

Tomorrow Ronan Keating's new album 'Duets' will go on sale but we have managed to get our hands on a copy of the new album which includes an apology to his wife for his infidelity in the sheet notes.

We are also streaming the whole of 'Duets' on our music site, check it out here.

Keating is clearly regretting the affair he had with 26 year-old Boyzone backing dancer Francine Cornell as he states "for the mistakes I have made in my life, I am sorry." Keating is making a big effort to win his wife of 12 years back, check out the apology below.

To my Yvonne, I dedicate this album to you. This is an album of duets so on every track I needed a partner to sing with me and in my life I choose you. You are the most incredible, inspirational woman I have ever met. For the mistakes I have made in my life, I am sorry. Guess you have to go there to come back. It was a dark place and you were the light to bring me back... I love you.

It seems that Ronan is reaching out and hoping for a reconciliation with Yvonne. The couple split in May when Mrs. Keating found text messages on Ronan's phone from Cornell which indicated that the pair had engaged in an affair in the summer of 2009.

The pair have three children – 11 year-old Jack, 9 year-old Marie and 5 year-old Ali. Yvonne and the kids have joined Ronan in Oz. Ronan is in Australia as a judge on X Factor. We have seen the family out and about in Sydney and have to say they look pretty happy, a reconciliation could definitely be on the cards.

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