Rose Byrne says oiling up Zac Efron's bod was a 'tough day in the office'

Yasmin Vought

Rose Byrne oils up Zac Efron's abs in a scene from her 2016 Neighbours comedy flick.

And while she previously called the moment "disgusting", she now seems to be singing a different tune.

Chatting on Rove and Sam's 2DAY FM brekkie show, the actress reveals that it was "a tough day in the office".

Source: Neighbours/Universal

"I made it through," she tells. "I was like, 'What are you doing, you're a grown woman'."

Back in May, Rose told Movie Fone that the whole ordeal was completely gross.

"We were rubbing pork fat on him," she told the site. "It's ridiculous. The actual stuff was disgusting.

Source: Neighbours/Universal

"It was like a real piece of meat that had been cooked and seasoned in all this oregano and thyme, and then it was injected with baby oil to make it really, really greasy.

"So it was disgusting. It was absolutely disgusting. I couldn't get it off my hands. It was this whole thing. So we were also totally grossed out."

Eww! We'd still go there for the chance to oil up Zefron's abs though. Sorry, not sorry.

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