WATCH: 'Roseanne' is retuning to television screens

Emma Shepherd

Roseanne fans never fear, as the popular late 80s early 90s sitcom is set to hit a television screen near you in early 2018. Watch the promo videos below.

The three promos for the revival poke fun at the character's Dan Connor (John Goodman) death in the original series.

In the first promo released, Dan criticises the current Chicago Bulls line-up, saying "I still think the Bulls of 96-97 would of beat these guys any time."

John Goodman is seen watching the basketball in the first promo. Source: ABC

"You can't live in the past Dan," screeches Roseanne Connor (Roseanne Barr.)

She continues, "When things are gone, they're gone forever."

This first promo doesn't just mock the original shows revival, but also the existence of Dan who passed away from a heart attack in the original series.

In the second short promo, Roseanne ask's Dan, "You're watching another game?".

The third promo shows Dan watching what he thinks is football, Roseanne interrupts and tells him he's watching basketball. Source: ABC

"Yeah, you know, when I played football and you got a concussion," Dan says, "You went right back in the game, it didn't hurt any of us. There was no long-term damage."

"Uh, Dan, you're watching basketball," replies Roseanne.

The third promo focuses more on the family dynamic with Dan, Roseanne and their daughter Darlene Connor (Sara Gilbert) sitting on the couch together watching basketball.

Darlene and Dan are seen jumping up with excitement with their team scoring a point.

Flustered Roseanne asks, "What happened?"

"He made a three-point shot," Dan replies.

Dan, Roseanne and Darlene are seen watching a basketball game in the third promo. Source: ABC

"How many pints does he get?" Roseanne says.

"Three" daughter Darlene answers.

"Why did they stop?" says Roseanne." "Fowl," says Dan

"What's a Fowl?" Roseanne asks.

"Women," both Dan and Darlene sneered.

Many of the show’s original cast members are set to return, including Roseanne Barr (Roseanne), John Goodman (Dan), Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), Michael Fishman (D.J), and Lecy Goranson (Becky).

While The Big Bang Theory star John Galecki was rumoured to take part in the revival, his return to the series has now been officially confirmed by executive producer Whitney Cummings.

It's set to be released early 2018, get excited peeps.

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