The hotel loved by Elvis and the royals in the heart of Vancouver

Sarah Carty

When we think of glamorous places that were regularly frequented by the likes of Elvis, the Royal family and Frank Sinatra, our minds immediately skip ahead to Las Vegas, New York and LA.

However there’s an opulent hotel right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver that became a haunt for the elite of Hollywood’s A-listers - and the art deco building is still just as fabulous today.

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Be was lucky enough to be whisked away to check out the luxurious Hotel Rosewood Georgia in July and it didn’t disappoint.

We stayed at the stunning Hotel Rosewood Georgia. Photo: Supplied
Room service was a must. Photo: Supplied

Situated right across the street from the stunningly beautiful Vancouver Art Gallery and just steps away from all the high street stores you could ever need, the hotel is in the perfect location for tourists with a quick few days to spend in the city.

However you might not want to leave the hotel once you step foot inside, because if cocktails, good food and a killer pool are on your wish list, then it ticks all the boxes.

We arrived on a Friday night and while the town was calling us to go out and explore, the allure of the massive king size bed in our room totally won us over.

Look at the size of the bathtub in our room. Photo: Supplied
The pool was too hard to resist. Photo: Supplied

We stayed in a deluxe room overlooking the art gallery, with a bathroom the size of our apartment and a bathtub so luxurious we’ve been dreaming about it since.

A couch sat in front of a TV equipped with all the news stations and movies you could need – and we made use of it.

In fact, we decided to skip a night out on the tiles to sit back and relax with a delicious burger, some fries and a glass of wine.

Elvis used to stay there. Photo: Getty Images

The next morning we made our way down to the highly acclaimed Hawkworth Restaurant where we were given the biggest flat white we’ve ever seen and a whopping eggs benedict breakfast to match (although it was a bit pricey for those on a budget).

Strolling through the lobby on the way to our room, it was hard to ignore the stunning dark wood décor, earthy tones and the mood lighting, which made you feel like you had stepped back in time to a classic romantic movie.

Next it was time for a dip in the pool, which not only looks pretty awesome but the water is heated – meaning we stayed in there for way longer than we should have.

Then we set off on the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Food Tour where our tour guide brought us on a culinary experience of the city, including dim sum tasting, cheese and wine pairing, our very own personal cocktail and the best ice-cream in the town.

After a long day of eating and drinking, it was only right we headed back to our hotel to check out the Reflections cocktail bar to continue the night and grab some more nibbles.

The garden terrace is dotted with tiny fairy lights and is the exact kind of place where you could see yourself losing track of hours as you listen to music and chat with friends.

We headed to bed dreaming of when we would be able to return.

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