Rosie Waterland hits back at online body trolls

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It’s that time of the year when we drink way too much, let loose on sugary Christmas snacks, and pray we can make it to the end of the year without major incident – but for writer Rosie Waterland an Instagram post she shared about her end-of-year feels went viral for a completely different reason.

The 31-year-old posted a snap of her reclining on a couch and hilariously eating a cookie off her boob with the caption, “Almost at the end of 2017 like…”

However the Sydney writer – who shot to fame writing The Bachelor recaps for website Mamamia - was forced to hit back after online trolls put the focus on her body.

Rosie shared her hilarious snap to her 37,000 followers. Photo: Instagram/rosiewaterland


Admitting she replied to one “concerned” person but has since deleted the rest of the negative comments about the post, Rosie hit back at those who focused on her body being the centre of the joke.

“Everybody who has had a problem with this photo has assumed my body is the joke,” wrote Rosie.

“And if you assume my body is the joke and not the set-up of the picture itself, then those are your hang-ups not mine.

The writer is known for being a vocal body love advocate. Photo: Instagram/rosiewaterland

“If you automatically assume that a fat body is where the humour comes from then... well that kind of makes me sad. People with all kinds of bodies related to that pic because it’s about being tired and fed-up and having had a tough year and just wanting to get a bit p***ed and watch Netflix and not waste a cookie you just dropped on your boob.

“I could have a six-pack and the joke would be the same. I have found today that the people who have focused on my belly have kind of missed the point (and it also reveals a lot about what they put the most value on).”

Rosie hit back at online trolls in a follow-up post. Photo: Instagram/rosiewaterland

Rosie has been inundated with support from followers who say it’s only reinforced their love for her.

“That photo was relateable af and people need to get over their fat phobia pronto,” commented one.

Rosie has been flooded with messages of support after posting her belly snap. Photo: Instagram/rosiewaterland

“What the hell? After laughing at and relating to the joke, the only thing I noticed about your body was how perfect your goddamn skin is,” said another. “From someone who has a belly and also weird tan lines, freckles, moles, and stretch marks galore!”

“The only thing I've been wondering about the pic is what type of cookie is it?” joked one fan. “It has a monte Carlo look about it but also could be a melting moment or shortbread.”

It’s not the first time Rosie has made a statement about body image.

Rosie shared a photo in a bid to make women see their value is more than their weight. Photo:

Last January, she shared a snap of her completely naked in a bid to take the focus off what we look like.

“And how do we change those values?" wrote Rosie on Mamamia.

"By being un-f**king-apologetic. By refusing to explain. If you find that you’re successful and a woman and not “conventionally” attractive, don’t give it a second freaking thought."

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