Roxy Jacenko’s hot Valentine’s Day plans

Carly Williams

Take one look at Roxy Jacenko’s Instagram account and you may get a little red in the cheeks.

Washboard abs, sexy selfies, perfect curves and one hot hubby. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in this PR Queen’s home on Valentine’s Day!

So, do Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis have sexy V-Day plans?

Roxy might have some bangin' pics on her Insta feed but she insists, at home, she love a full brief. Photo: Roxy Jacenko

“I’m the girl you don’t buy lingerie for,” she exclusively told Be at the Santè by Enjo product launch in Sydney on Tuesday.

“I’m like, ‘what am I going to do with this sexy pair of knickers?' I like a full brief. I’m the most boring person ever.”

Same, Roxy. Same.

Oliver will be Roxy's date to the launch of her new Skinny Tan product, which falls on Valentine's Day. Photo: Roxy Jacenko Instagram

But surely there’ll be some sort of romance on Feb 14th?

“We’ll have a babysitter so we will do something,” she said.

“Olly’s coming to my Skinny Tan launch lunch – he never usually comes to anything. And we’ll probably go to dinner.”

Sounds hot. Literally.

“I’m like ‘what am I going to do with this sexy pair of knickers? I like a full brief. I’m the most boring person ever,’” Roxy told Be at the launch of her Santé by Enjo event. Photo: Roxy Jacenko

“But as you get older, the whole Valentine’s Day thing, you don’t really worry about it. When I was younger it was ‘the big thing.’”

Roxy’s investment banker husband was released from prison in July 2017 after a stint behind bars for insider trading.

It didn’t take long for the pair to rekindle their relationship and Oliver asked his lady-love to marry him (again!) with an over-the-top balloon display.

Flashback to July last year when Oliver Curtis asked Roxy Jacenko to marry him ... again. Photo: Instagram

“There’ll always be ups and down, I’ve experienced them,” she explained.

“His parents have been married for 40 years, and through those 40 years I’m sure there was testing moments.

“The quick solution for me was ‘I’ll get a divorce’ but that wasn’t a smart way of thinking.”

With Oliver landing himself in jail in 2016, a difficult relationship with food, and her business being vandalised, it’s safe to say that period was a tumultuous time for our favourite publicist turned beauty ambassador.

After a rough 2016/2017, but Roxy's floating on cloud nine these days. Photo: Roxy Jacenko

But the Sweaty Betty PR founder is riding a high right now. She’s the face of Santè by Enjo makeup removers, she's launching her own tan range and things with the hubby are better than ever.

“We’ve both had our issues. I thought I’d be divorced now but the reality is, is that you look at things and think ‘this is what I’ve got, these are the issues, and solve them. Especially if there’s kids involved.”

Amen, Roxy.

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