Roxy's nip slip strikes again

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

Selfie queen Roxy Jacenko is at it again, posting a shot of herself looking toned and fit in active wear.

The photo seems innocent enough, but eagle-eyed fans have spotted what appears to be the PR guru’s nipple peeking through her sports bra. Cheeky!

Roxy's latest pic is a little racier than it first appears. Source: Instagram
Eagle-eyed fans reckon they can see Roxy's nipple on the left hand side of the pic. Source: Instagram

It’s not the first time Roxy has posted an accidental nip pic. Just last month, her followers got into a tizz about her nipple poking through a white singlet in a selfie with her kids.

After one follower commented negatively about the shot, fans of the star came to her defence.

Roxy came under fire for this nip pic last month. Source: Instagram

"Did someone seriously judge Roxys Parenting all because of a Nipple? god dam there are some pathetic people out there," wrote user @r_achellee.

Roxy told her detractors to

Some agreed with @kendallnatasha, with user @karen__lester writing, "Beautiful pic but unfortunately it's lost a bit of class".

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And Roxy herself weighed in on the drama with a pointed retort for her critics.

"Hahahaha get a grip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we are doing fine," she wrote. "Parent the way you wish but don't give me advice what I should be doing.”

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