Pixie's lavish life

Leah Cohen

Today’s a huge milestone in Pixie Curtis’ life.

The daughter of PR queen Roxy Jacenko dressed to impress as she beamed smiles for the camera marking the special day - her first day of school!

Pixie Curtis attended her first day of school today. Photo: Instagram
Mummy's girl is growing up fast! Photo: Instagram

Wearing a pinafore uniform, shiny new school shoes and a signature navy bow holding her slick orange locks back - it was all nerves and excitement for Pixie who would be attending her first day of Year K at a private school.

It’s hard to believe Pixie is only starting school now, given she’s already an Instagram sensation with 111k followers and owns her own fashion accessories line, Pixie’s Bows.

Selfies in the lift before the big day. Photo: Instagram

As the oldest daughter of successful Sweaty Betty PR founder Roxy, the five-year-old has been lucky enough to live a life most adults don’t get to live.

Pixie and her two-year-old brother Hunter, recently went on a lavish holiday with their mum and grandmother Doreen to tropical Hawaii.

Pixie just got back from a three week holiday in Hawaii. Photo: Instagram
Life's tough. Photo: Instagram

Here they soaked up the sun, drank fresh juices and visited water parks where they got to swim with dolphins!

Unfortunately her father Oliver was absent from the snaps because he’s currently serving a prison sentence for insider trading.

Pixie indulged in delicious desserts while on holiday. Photo: Instagram

This didn’t stop Pixie from living life to the fullest while in paradise.

As her Instagram pics would indicate, the little princess feasted on bowls of ice cream, slices of delicious cake, would strut the streets sporting her trendy sunglasses and veg by the resort pool because hey, it’s holidays!

Louis Vuitton bags? Check! Photo: Instagram
Don't worry, I know the pilot. Photo: Instagram

PR mogul Roxy isn’t shy to share her daughter’s lavish life on Instagram, posting pictures to her and Pixie's accounts of the fashion designer about to board private jets and sitting in comfortable plane seats surrounded by Louis Vuitton suitcases.

She’s also been pictured standing in front of million dollar sports cars and luxury wheels, showing off to her fans that yep, that’s her ride!

Pixie cruising in mum's Land Rover. Photo: Instagram
Pixie's pink ride while she was in Singapore. Photo: Instagram

Since she’s now a big deal, Pixie often receives gifts from designer fashion labels such as Chanel and Dior.

Exhausting day of shopping at Chanel. Photo: Instagram
What? A present from Dior? No way! Photo: Instagram

Prior to starting school, Pixie did a video shoot for Clarks school shoes and randomly received a bunch of beautiful flowers for good luck.

Thanks Clarks for a lifetime supply for school shoes! Photo: Instagram
Thanks for the blooms! Photo: Instagram

When she's feeling down, mummy takes her for pampering sessions. Whether it's getting her nails painted or her ears pierced ready for all the diamond earrings she's about to receive - Pixie knows how big girls roll.

Pixie getting her nails did. Photo: Instagram
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend... Photo: Instagram

As mentioned earlier, Pixie is the owner of Pixie’s Bows, which makes her the youngest accessories designer in the world. She regularly attends video shoots for her brand, and boy does she love shoot days! What five-year-old girl wouldn’t?

I love shoot day! Photo: Instagram

Incase it wasn’t obvious already, Pixie has a taste for the finer things in life, whether it’s calorie-rich desserts or fine dining restaurants like Sydney’s top eatery Bistro Guillaume.

Hmm I can't decide which one to have. Might as well have all of them! Photo: Instagram
Ladies lunch at Bistro Guillaume. Photo: Instagram

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Pretty much whatever the little socialite wants, she gets!

Mummy… I want a pony!

You got it Pixie.

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