The one game the royals are banned from playing

Sarah Carty

They’re known to be keen racing fans and polo aficionados but there’s one game the royals are banned from getting involved in.

It turns out the royal family are more like us mere mortals than we thought because they also get too riled up to play board games.

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According to The Telegraph, Prince Andrew revealed that there’s one game in particular that Prince William, Kate Middleton and the Queen never touch when they get together.

Prince William may love to kick around a ball, but he won't be able to play one board game. Photo: Getty Images
Family night at Kate Middleton's house would involve anything but Monopoly. Photo: Getty Images

"We're not allowed to play Monopoly at home,” Prince Andrew said.

“It gets too vicious.”

And it’s not only board games the royals are banned from doing, as there’s a long line of items on the ‘no-go’ list.

When they’re out on royal engagements, it’s been reported that the Queen and the rest of the clan are banned from eating shellfish.

Apparently things get far too heated at the royal household when the board game comes out. Photo: Getty Images
The royals will have to stick to playing other spots like cricket. Photo: Getty Images

While we all may instinctively gravitate towards juicy mussels, clams and prawns, the royals stay well away from it.

According to The Sun, there’s actually a very practical reason behind the decision for the royals to shun shellfish.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, the Queen and everyone else in the family can’t afford to get food poisoning, which is usually associated with shellfish.

It was also revealed that the royals are banned from signing autographs when they’re out meeting the public.

Not only are they forbidden from scribbling their names on pieces of paper, but some of the family royal members also shun selfies.

According to royal insiders, the bizarre rule protects Kate Middleton and her crew from people forging their signatures.

Back in 2010, Prince Charles was famously asked by a father if the future King would sign a piece of paper for his young son.

“Sorry, they don’t allow me to do that,” he replied, before scrawling “Charles 2010,” on the paper.

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