Kate worries Meghan is 'stealing her limelight'

Sarah Carty

Kate Middleton may be all smile when she’s out-and-about with Prince Harry at public engagements, but things are reportedly very different behind closed doors.

According to the Daily Star, Kate is furious with her 33-year-old bother-in-law and his Suits star girlfriend for “stealing her limelight”.

Kate announced her pregnancy last month and while everyone was delighted for the Duchess and Prince William, it hasn’t done anything to stop the intense public interest in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton is reportedly fuming with Meghan Markle for 'stealing her limelight'. Photo: Getty Images
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship has been heating up, with it being reported she is moving to London next month. Photo: Getty Images

“Kate Middleton can get pregnant with ten royal babies, yet the press will still focus on Harry and Meghan and how perfect they are for each other,” an insider said, according to the publication.

“They are young, their romance is fresh and most importantly, they’ve got a bright future ahead of them. In other words, they are the royal family’s new A-list stars.

“And for Kate, that’s what is troubling her right now. She’s no longer the star of the show.”

Meghan has been dealing with the media, photographers and fans for years and Kate reportedly is irked by the fact that she’s so well-prepared to be in the royal limelight.

Kate is reportedly irked that Meghan is so well used to being in the spotlight and dealing with the media. Photo: Getty Images

The source said Kate is worried that Meghan will be a “royal threat” when she does eventually marry Harry, because she’s already a pro at walking red carpets and winning over the public’s affection.

Kate’s worries come just days after it was reported that the Queen is “livid” with her for apparently requesting to be less involved with royal duties so she can focus on being a mother.

Kate and William are expecting their third child in May. Photo: Getty Images

"The 91-year-old monarch was livid that the future Queen of England would want to lessen her duties,” an insider told Life & Style

“Prince William told her Kate wants her public appearances kept to a minimum and he's 100 percent behind her.

“The conversation was quite icy.”

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