Ruby Rose thinks Prada 'stole' her look

Amy Stevenson

She's started to make her mark in Hollywood, but now Ruby Rose has accused a major fashion label of "stealing" her look for one of their handbags.

Taking to Twitter, the 31-year-old actress shared an image of her face superimposed on the handbag, comparing the cartoon-like original to her own and taking a dig at high-end fashion label Prada and sarcastically saying it was clearly a "made up character with no inspiration from anyone in real life apparently."

Ruby's rant came after a fan suggested she bared a resemblance to a video game character.

Has a fashion label
The actress seems to think this Prada bag looks similar to her. Source: Twitter

"Think my likeness is in 6 video games right now this one isn’t even that obvious some are crazy but what are you going to do," she replied to the tweet. "Legally speaking if I were offended, not saying i am, no one has ever won that case. Many have tried. So flattery it is. They better be cool though!"

Taking aim at the Prada bag, the Pitch Perfect 3 star went on, comparing herself to the female face on the bag.

"Kinda like this Prada bag that apparently is in no way any likeness to me at all even though the photographer of the photo sent me this and everyone keeps asking about it," she tweeted alongside the short clip of the face on the bag morphing into her own. "It’s a made up character with no inspiration from anyone in real life apparently."

Ruby's rant started when a fan mentioned she looked like a video game character. Source: Twitter
First Ruby tweeted her own short clip of the comparison. Source: Twitter
She then tweeted the original photo, claiming the image on the bag came from it. Source: Twitter

Sharing the original photo, Ruby added: "I’m obviously just super common looking. No big deal."

And while some fans were quick to agree with the Orange Is The New Black actress, others didn't agree with likeness, with one Twitter user writing, "Omg narcissistic much. Settle down you’re not that famous outside of people who watch oitnb [Orange Is The New Black]."

While some fans agreed with the star, others labelled her narcissistic. Source: Getty
She then joked about making her own bag. Source: Twitter

Other fans were keen to get their hands on the expensive bag, however Ruby was unable to help them out instead joking she would make her own version.

"I’ll make one, it will look the same because I’ll use the same photo, of my face but in vegan leather. A copy of a copy. I’m like the ikea bag," she tweeted.

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