Can you spot the very rude typo on this Christmas card?

Sarah Carty

A man has shared a Christmas card he got in the post from his aunt and uncle, which features a rather unfortunate typo.

The festive message was sent to Twitter user Rob Cook this week, with the message “wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” inside.

However, it’s the next line that has people all over the internet laughing, as it contains a handwriting error.

“Have a fun one & try not to work too hard,” it said.

And while this may seem like an innocent note, looking at the handwriting, the word “work” is actually written like “wank”.

Rob said he let his aunt Les and uncle Roy know that they were “proving popular on the internet”, to which they replied “Don’t do either too hard, they’re both bad for you”.

The photo has already been liked nearly 4,000 times on Rob’s Twitter account, with people sharing some rude cards of their own.

One person shared an image of a car their dad received on his retirement, which read: “Dave, Have a great retirement. Get plenty of fishing done”.

However, yet again the handwriting failed them, with the word “fishing” actually looking like it was “fisting”.

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