The Hype

Russell Brand takes off his wedding ring in a video promoting a college tour. Credit: You Tube.

The comedian, 36, was filmed sliding his wedding ring off his finger in a You Tube video addressed to American students during a college tour in November, 2011.

In the video, Brand is shown promoting a short tour of colleges, where he quips that he doesn't know much about college life, "except for the things I've seen on Nudevista; that [sororities] are sort of sex clubs for women. Fraternities; that's a bit like the film 'Animal House' or 'Social Network.'"

Katy Perry and Russell Brand a few weeks before announcing their divorce. Credit: WireImage

Brand goes on to discuss the various tours, before ending the video by removing his wedding ring, saying:

"This is going to be a week of revolution, a week of occupation, and, more important, I'm going to learn firsthand about sororities. I'm going to place this (removes ring) somewhere very, very safe for the next week."

While Brand's jovial attitude towards removing his ring has raised eyebrows, others are quick to claim it was a 'bad omen' or some sort of curse against his marriage.

While we recognise the act as just part of Russell's flirtatious character – after all, Katy Perry herself posted the video to her Twitter page back in November – we can't help but wonder if ol' Russ is regretting the playful stunt now.

Watch: Russell Brand take off his wedding ring