Russian senator's gigantic hair goes viral

Sarah Carty

They say the higher your hair, the closer you are to heaven – and if that’s the truth then this Russian politician must be touching God’s hand on the daily.

Valentina Petrenko, who is a 62-year-old senator and has been part of Russian politics since 2001, has become an overnight sensation, with people just discovering her awesome bouffant now.

She wears her hair in the same perfectly coiffed style every day and has even been compared to Marge Simpson online.

This Russian senator has gone viral online. Photo: Getty Images
It's all over her incredible hairstyle. Photo: Getty Images

“Valentina Petrenko is so perfect, so cinematic, I can't take it,” one person wrote online.

“When your hair makes you look like a cross between a James Bond villain and a Star Trek character...Meet Russian Senator #ValentinaPetrenko Wish our Senators were this cool! #CurlyHairProbs solved!” another person said.

“Russian senator Valentina Petrenko’s hair is the greatest thing I’ve discovered this week,” Twitter user Ted Stansfield said.

And while the internet may be loving Valentina’s epic do’, she’s can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

“I’m so tired of answering these questions,” she told the Echo of Moscow, according to Newsweek.

However, she doesn't understand what all the fuss is about. Photo: Getty Images

“I just have curly hair.

"I lift it upwards with some hairpins, that is all.”

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