Russian tourist gives birth in Red Sea

Bianca Soldani

Countless tourists flock to the Red Sea each year, but one local saw something rather different when she photographed a woman giving birth amongst the waves.

The parents, from Russia, had travelled to Egypt with the intent of swapping a hospital bed for the more natural surroundings of the Red Sea, and with a water birth specialist in tow, they were able to carry their new baby to shore after being successfully delivered in the sea.

From a balcony in the beach-side town of Dar Dahab, Hadia Hosny El Said - who lives in Cairo and was visiting her uncle at the time - captured incredible photos of the scene.

The baby is carried to shore by the father and a water birth specialist. Photo: Facebook/Hadia Hosny El Said
The new mum emerges relieved and walks back to the beach to meet her baby. Photo: Facebook/Hadia Hosny El Said

They show the older man - whom El Said claims is a specialist doctor - and a younger man - supposedly the baby’s father - carrying the newborn safely to the sand, and the mum emerging happy and relieved in a bikini and goggles.

Another young child is on the beach and gets to meet the baby just minutes after it’s born, meanwhile the father pulls out a camera of his own to capture the moment.

While the details are hazy, the birth appears to have been planned as they had an orange bucket on hand to hold the placenta after the birth.

Posting the images to Facebook, El Said says she thought the mum came out of the water as if nothing had just happened.

The images have since been shared across the globe.

The family celebrate their first moments together on the beach. Photo: Facebook/Hadia Hosny El Said
A young child, presumably the newborn's older sibling, gets to meet the baby. Photo: Facebook/Hadia Hosny El Said

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