Ryan Seacrest snubs Keith Urban

Sarah Carty

He may be one of the biggest country music stars on the planet but Ryan Seacrest appeared to give Keith Urban the cold shoulder on the Golden Globes red carpet.

The 49-year-old crooner arrived at the awards show in LA with his Lion star wife Nicole Kidman on Sunday night and while the pair stuck together like glue, E! News host Ryan Seacrest seemed like he was fobbing off Keith in favour of more time to interview Nicole.

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"I'm going to get to you in a second," Ryan said to Keith before turning his attention to Nicole.

Ryan Seacrest (far right) seemed to snub Keith Urban on the Golden Globes red carpet. Photo: E! News.
Ryan appeared to make it very clear that he was more interested in interviewing Nicole Kidman. Photo: E! News.

Never one to miss a mark, Keith replied with "I'll just be over here", before disappearing off screen while the wife of his two kids broke down laughing.

Clearly embarrassed, Ryan reached out for Keith and said: "No, no, no - stay with us, I just wanted to ask you something in a second".

The encounter may have been extremely awkward but it wasn't the only embarrassing run-in they has on the red carpet.

The golden couple arrived at the awards show looking loved-up. Photo: Getty.
Later, Nicole interrupted an interview with Tom Hiddleston.

Earlier in the evening, Nicole interrupted an interview Tom Hiddleston was having on the red carpet and told him he had done "enough talking" for the night.

"That's enough, enough talking... we're done," Nicole said before breaking out into a fit of giggles.

Unfazed Tom turned to Nicole and began interviewing her instead of answers any questions of his own.

"I'm going to interview you now," he said.

Tom then began interviewing Nicole while the reported looked on.

"How are you feeling about this Golden Globes ceremony?"

Nicole played along, replying: "I'm so happy to be here and I'm determined to have fun. That's why I came and did that."

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