Six tips to have an epic first date

Sally Obermeder

First dates can be tricky.

Believe us when we say, you’re not alone if you’ve had a few disasters.

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Sometimes it’s not even because the date has been bad but because we’ve been so underprepared that we spend the whole night in a complete fluster.

Sally Obermeder from SWIISH gives us her top tips for date night. Photo: Supplied

SWIISH is here to help you out though, so you don’t have any more date night disasters.

We’ve calculated the perfect recipe for a stress-free first date.

Enjoy the process of getting ready

Have a nice, long shower and exfoliate your skin. We love the So-A Glow body scrub because it smells divine and will leave your skin feeling oh so smooth.

Takeyour time getting ready

If it usually takes you one hour, allocate two. Not only will this calm your nerves but if anything unexpected pops up (like you can’t find your favourite pair of heels), you’ll have time to formulate a game plan.

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Wear akiller black dress

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everyone looks fab in black and it’s a colour everyone feels comfortable wearing.

To add a bit of personality though, try something flirty and fun, like our aptly named Sweet Romance Ruffle Dress.

Wearing black also hides any food spillages for the clumsy ones out there (us included).

Keep your makeup simple but add a red lip

Everyone knows there’s nothing better than a bold, red lip, as it’s fun, classic and the ultimate confidence booster.

No need to stress yourself out with trying new makeup trends; just stick to your usual make-up routine so you feel like yourself.

Sally says to relax and wear something you're comfortable in. Photo: Supplied

Make sure your clutch is fully stocked

Mints (see ya later garlic breath), band aids for blisters and your red lippy for touch ups will be lifesavers on the night.

Do your research

Research the venue so you know what to expect in terms of atmosphere, food and drinks.

We also recommend choosing somewhere neither of you have been to before so you can both experience the venue for the first time. This is a good conversation starter as well.

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