Sam cops to fine

Amy Stevenson

Sam Armytage has owned up and admitted she will be paying a police fine after she failed to wear a seatbelt during a live segment with musician Ed Sheeran.

The Sunrise host took a brief moment during Tuesday morning's show to apologise for her actions after viewers were quick to notice her misdemeanor during last week's show with the British singer.

Sam took to Sunrise to say sorry for not wearing her seatbelt. Source: Channel Seven
Sam made the mistake with Ed last week. Source: Channel Seven

"Last week during our Ed Sheeran show you will remember I went to pick up the singing superstar from his hotel room live on air. During that segment I neglected to wear a seatbelt," Sam told viewers.

"Many of you were quick to point out my mistake on Facebook and via phone. I am sorry, it was unintentional, I was caught up in the moment, but that is no excuse."

The upfront and honest breakfast host went on to add that relevant authorities were alerted to her mistake and that she will be quick to pay the fine when it comes in the mail.

Sam admitted she will pay the fine. Source: Channel Seven
Fans were quick to comment on her mistake on social media. Source: Channel Seven

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"The NSW Police are issuing fines to all involved and infringement notices will be paid. And a reminder, do as I say, not as I did, always wear your seatbelt, no matter what the vehicle, even in a taxi or an uber and I am sorry," she continued.

Ed Sheeran performed on Sunrise last week during his whirlwind promotional tour, however fans were quick to point out Sam's mistake on social media during her segment with him.

"Where are your seatbelts don't you know you are breaking the law," one Facebook user wrote, with many others criticising Sam for not setting a good example for young viewers and practicing car safety.

Many were left disappointed Sam wasn't displaying car safety. Source: Channel Seven

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