Sam Frost had to ban Sasha's baby talk in the bedroom!

Jennifer Fletcher
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Sam Frost reveals she had to ban her boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek from talking to her like a baby in the bedroom!

During her show on 2Day FM, the 27-year-old former Bachelorette star says her beau used to talk to her in a baby’s voice when they were getting intimate - and she had to shut it down!

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Sam and Sasha. Photo: Getty

“He does this voice, it's like a baby voice and he's like, "Oh hello sweety darling," Sam revealed, impersonating his baby voice.

“It is a little bit weird sometimes, especially when we are in the bedroom. I'm attracted to a 31-year-old man, you know, not a child!

“I said, "Oh, just one quick thing, I love you, don't get out of the mood but we're going to have to ban it from the bedroom."

“Sorry, no go.”

It’s not the first time Sam has talked about her sex life with Sash!

Last month, she admitted they’ve had sex in public, saying, “Sash and I used to go outside in the daylight…. and just do the deed.”

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