Sam Frost reveals she can't stand watching the Bachelor

Natasha Lee

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost has revealed she hasn’t watch a single episode of this season's Bachelor because it’s so fake.

The stunning reality TV star - who is gearing up to star in Channel Seven’s new series Hell’s Kitchen - told Be that she would be the “worst person” to watch the show with.

"When I watch it now I refer to it now as going to a magic show and knowing all the tricks," she said.

Sam poses with her ex Sasha. Source: Instagram

"I’m that annoying person in the movie that knows all the lines."

Sam, who broke things off with her Bachelorette love-interest Sasha, said most of the dates on the show have been painstakingly organised by producers… not the Bachelor himself.

“It’s like, ‘oh, look at this picnic I arranged, I hope you like cheese, oh whoops I forgot. It sets quite high expectations for other men,” she laughed.

The extremely likeable star only recently revealed she’s started dating her “good friend” Dave Bashford.

“He’s really cool, he’s just a legend," she said.

“We’ve got the same weird sense of humour - we’re like just strange units that just sort of merged."

Sam also revealed she’s finally learned to cook thanks to her role on the new Australian series of Hell’s Kitchen.

Well, kind of.

“I’m just horrendous,” she said.

“This is the thing, I’ve been saying this, every time I’m asked about it, they’re like “how’s your cooking skills” I’m like awful, I’m sure people just think she’s just saying that, no I’m that bad.”

There was once consolation to having her non-existent cooking skills put under the microscope…. She got to work with Marco Pierre White.

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“Have you seen him when he was younger? He was like the hottest guy on the planet,” she said.

“I think everyone has a crush on Marco!”

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