Sam Frost reveals whether or not the I Love You’s on The Bachelor are legit

Yasmin Vought

Three ladies were eliminated during last night’s tense rose ceremony on The Bachelor. Yep, they’re dropping like well-dressed flies!

But with every tense elimination and awkward moment (Megan’s poorly misjudged pash, anyone?), we edge even closer to the dreaded “I love you” moments that always come across completely forced on the reality series. So are they BS?

Former star of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Sam Frost, has weighed in on exactly how sincere she thinks those three little words are in the Bachie realm.

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When Michael did say ‘I love you’ I was a bit like, ‘Is that sincere?’ I wasn’t 100 percent sure.

“We do spend quite a lot of time together,” Sam explains in the clip above from 2DayFM’s Rove & Sam. “It’s over two months and during those dates we spend like 16-hour days together - so you do spend a lot of time with them.”

She added: “In high pressure situations you do get to know someone’s personality quite well.”

Then things got interesting, when Sam, 26, confessed she was hesitant to believe her top-two contender on The Bachelorette, Michael Turnbull, when he dropped the L-bomb. We’re with you on that one, Sammy!

Michael vyed for Sam's heart in The Bachelorette. Source: Network Ten

“To be perfectly honest,” she said. “When Michael did say ‘I love you’ I was a bit like, ‘Is that sincere?’ I wasn’t 100 percent sure.

“But I just thought, you know what, I don’t want to doubt that because it’s never nice to doubt someone when they open up like that.

“But yeah, to be honest a little piece in the back of my mind was like, ‘I’m not sure how sincere that is’.”

Phwoar! That chemistry between Sasha and Sam. Source: Network Ten

The radio host added that during the time of the finale decider, it’s possible she was so focused on her “love with Sash” that she didn’t want to believe Michael was legitimately that into her.

“It’s awful - I hate the finale,” she said. “It’s not very nice.”

Things got even more intriguing when Melissa from Camden called into the show to ask Sam about background checks.

We wonder is Eliza put

“Before you are chosen to go on the show you speak to a psychologist,” she said. “You do a personality test. I don’t really know what it’s for now I think about it.”

Sam's co-host Rove explained that maybe the tests are to encourage conflicting personalities to end up in the house together. True that!

Finally a guy called in and asked what we've all been muttering under our breaths: “Are there girls out there that are THAT desperate? Is it scripted?”

Sam says The Bachelor isn't scripted and nobody told her who to pick in the rose ceremonies on The Bachelorette. Source: Network Ten

Sam joked that she must be a bit desperate before explaining that, no, it’s not scripted.

“You’re not cast as a character,” she said. “You don’t have a script and you’re not told to be a certain person.

“But there are people that might go into it going, ‘You know what, I’m going to be really nice. I’m going to strategically play the game.’”

Sam added that around three months after the show, when their five minutes of fame is over, THOSE types always reveal their true personalities.

Ooh. We wonder whom she’s referencing with that subtle dig.

Keira has been labelled the villain for speaking her mind. Since when is that a crime? Source: Network Ten

During the segment, Sam also gave her thoughts about this year’s token villain, Keira.

“Let’s be honest,” Sam said. “It’d be pretty boring if she wasn’t there.”

She added: “I think [the producers] have an idea about how they’re going to behave, how they’re going to contribute to the show.

“But I don’t think she would be purposefully being the villain – I think she’s just being herself.”

Reports circulated last week that Keira volunteered to play the villain on the show.

And according to Laura, who missed out on a rose last week, Keira is playing into the hands of the producers.

Laura has dished the dirt on Keira. Source: Network Ten

“They pretty much said we need a villain and Keira popped her hand up and goes 'bingo bango',” Laura told ''Kyle and Jackie O' on KIIS 106.5.

"She is loving it, she's getting great attention from it. Keira's Keira and I don't think she can change who she is and that is why she has been selected to go on."

Keira is constantly not impressed. Source: Network Ten

Keira gets a one-on-one date with Richie boy in tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. Bring on the drama!

Keira has been dubbed the villain this year. Source: Network Ten

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