Sam Mac sings hilarious ode convenience store worker

Jessica Clark
Yahoo7 Entertainment

This is what happens when you let Sunrise weather reporter Sam Mac loose on the streets of Sydney with the Australian Girls Choir.

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After his weather report, Sam Mac headed into a 24-hour 7/11 convenience store to serenade the "city convenience hero" who was working behind the counter.

"We’ve got a little something we’ve prepared for you my friend, and it goes a little something like this..." started Sam.

As the Girls Choir provided a soothing backing track, Sam belted out a bizarre tune to the man...who was less than impressed with the invasion of his morning.

Not happy, Jan! Photo: 7 Network

You’ve been doing the graveyard shift, and you’ve been selling those koalas as gifts...You’re in the 24 hour game, unfortunately I’m unaware of your name," Sam sang.

The gang back in the Sunrise studio couldn't contain their shock at the stunt, erupting into a fit of giggles on the couch as the camera panned to the unsuspecting worker's face.

The Sunrise hosts couldn't keep it together during Sam Mac's latest stunt. Photo: 7 Network

"I think he’s going to call the cops on you!" laughed Nat.

"His hand was on the panic button underneath the counter," added Kochie.

One thing's for sure: this is a Wednesday morning this convenience store worker is sure to remember for a while to come.

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