Samba queen dances through awkward g-string malfunction

Bianca Soldani

Brazilian samba queen Tarine Lopes, had nowhere to hide when she hit Sao Paolo's sambadrone for the annual Carnival celebrations in little more than some body glitter and strategically placed paint.

The extremely talented dancer was seen shaking her booty like the absolute pro she is until the tiny g-string she was wearing under her body paint gave way.

Not missing a beat, Tarine samba-ed through the unfortunate wardrobe mishap, turning away from the camera so she could adjust everything, before seamlessly getting back to the show.

She handled the unfortunate mishap like an absolute pro. Photo: AAP

“Unfortunately my thong came unstuck in the middle of the avenue but people couldn’t stop,” she said in an interview after the performance.

“I had to keep on dancing while I tried to keep it from falling off completely.

“I was really worried at first, but I carried on with my samba and did what I could so as not to stand out too much.”

Tarine was leading her samba school through the parade. Photo: Instagram/Tarine Lopes

Carnival is a week-long party in Brazil and the perfect opportunities for the country’s largest samba schools to demonstrate their considerable talent.

Tarine represents the X-9 Paulistana school, with each of the institutions choosing a dancer to head up their parade procession.

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