Sam Johnson's cancer-stricken sister Connie is awarded an OAM

Sarah Carty

Actor Samuel Johnson has shared a heartbreaking update on his cancer-stricken sister Connie Johnson’s condition, claiming her “time is nigh”.

In a Facebook post to the Love Your Sister page, Sam revealed The Governor General, Peter Cosgrove, 'popped in' on Connie and awarded her with the a Medal of The Order of Australia, for her services to the community and humanity.

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However while the mum-of-two is seen smiling with joy in the photo, Sam said her condition is deteriorating and “It'll be very soon”.

Connie Johnson has been awarded the the a Medal of The Order of Australia. Photo: Facebook
Her brother, Samuel Johnson (pictured), has spoken out to claim

“I wanted to tell you first before you hear about it through the media - her time is nigh. Let's prepare, villagers. It'll be very soon,” he wrote in the post.

“This is an awful time, we won't b******t, but please believe that she feels SO cushioned by your love and has been finding so many rainbows.”

He went on to thank their “new mate” Peter Cogrove for making his sister so happy in her final days by presenting her with the medal.

“Her eyes danced like when we were kids. She looked so alive,” he said.

“Afterwards, she looked at me sideways, coz she can't move her head too well, and she kept saying, in her weak and raspy voice...'Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Look what we did. We did something!'”

It comes after Connie spoke out recently from her hospice bed saying she’s not ready to die.

In a heartbreaking interview, Connie said she hasn’t made peace with the fact she is actively dying and still has far too much things she wants to do.

“There’s too much on my to-do list,” Connie said in a recorded chat with Canberra radio host Kristen Henry for

Connie Johnson has done an interview from her hospice bed. Photo: Facebook

“I’ve got too much to do. I want to take the kids to a circus, we’ve never been to a circus.”

When asked if she was at peace with dying, she replied: “Peace with dying? Nowhere near it”.

The interview came just days after Connie opened up about the difficult conversations she’s had with her two young sons as she nears the end of her battle with terminal cancer.

After moving into hospice care last month, the sister of actor Samuel Johnson doesn’t think she’ll see another Christmas, but is fighting to make it to her youngest son’s tenth birthday.

“I would be very surprised if I was still around at Christmas,” she told The Age.

“I'm just hoping against hope that I'm still around for Hammie's (Hamilton’s) birthday on September 26.”

She went on to explain how she’s tried to explain her diagnosis to sons Hamilton, nine, and Willoughby, 11, and help them prepare for her no longer being with them.

Samuel Johnson's sister Connie has battled cancer from a young age. Source: Love Your Sister Facebook
Samuel took to Facebook in July to confirm his sister had entered hospice care. Source: Love Your Sister Facebook

“The conversation has had to change from, ‘We're still working, there's still options’ to ‘There's no options left and we have to come to terms with the fact mummy's going to die’,” she said.

That same day Connie took to her Facbeook page, Love Your Sister, to say that although she is “mourning the loss” of bodily functions, she is “wonderfully happy” that she can still hug her children and have “lovely” conversations with friends.

“I can’t walk anymore. Breathing has become difficult with the swelling of the liver. Sitting up is difficult with the swollen abdomen,” she wrote.

Connie said eating has “become a bit of a chore rather than something pleasurable” and revealed she feels cheated out of those normal daily experiences.

However she turned the post around, saying she’s thankful she has her wonderful family and friends around her

“But today I realised that I still have my mind, there's no cancer there,” she said.

Earlier this year Sam, who won a Gold Logie for his role as Molly Meldrum in the Channel Seven TV series Molly, took to Facebook to reveal that his beloved sister is “actively dying”.

“Con's needed a lot of quiet time lately to try and comprehend the total head******y that 'actively dying' brings,” he wrote.

Connie was diagnosed with cancer four-years-ago and since then she has put on a brave display, all while raising awareness of the illness.

The 40-year-old stopped all cancer treatment back in April after having a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, in order to focus on her family including her children Willoughby, 10, and nine-year-old Hamilton.

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