Samuel Johnson's sister Connie is 'actively dying'

Olivia Morris

Samuel Johnson’s sister, Connie, has had a tough battle with cancer throughout her life and now the actor has confirmed his sister has entered hospice care.

Connie started her battle with the disease at just 11 years old after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

She was then diagnosed with uterine cancer at just 22 and in recent years was given the heartbreaking news she was suffering terminal liver and breast cancer.

Samuel Johnson's sister Connie has battled cancer from a young age. Source: Love Your Sister Facebook

Samuel took to the Love Your Sister Facebook page – which he set up to raise money for cancer research in honour of Connie – to confirm his sister was “actively dying”.

“No phones, no social media – all too overwhelming right now,” he wrote.

Samuel took to Facebook to confirm his sister had entered hospice care. Source: Love Your Sister Facebook

“She just rang from the Hospice… and admitted that this is the most difficult thing she’s ever had to face, but in true Connie style she’s been colouring in to keep the nasty thoughts at bay! She said to tell you that there’s life in the old dog yet,” the 38-year-old added.

He finished his post saying: “She’s as comfortable as she can be and is being cared for superbly.”

Despite her heartbreaking predicament, Samuel said his sister was trying to remain in good spirits. Source: Love Your Sister Facebook

The 40-year-old stopped all cancer treatment back in April after having a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, in order to focus on her family including her children Willoughby, 10, and nine-year-old Hamilton.

“I want them to have those fond, normal childhood memories with their mum,” she previously told ABC News.

Meanwhile, The Secret Life of Us star is determined to raise as much money possible in aid of research for a cancer cure.

Samuel’s next goal is to beat the record for the longest journey travelled on a unicycle and the Gold Logie winner is “determined to push the record past the 15,000km mark” across Australia.

Samuel now has the goal of raising as much money as he can for cancer research in honour of his sister Connie. Source: Love Your Sister Facebook

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“That’s why he’s setting out on this gruelling journey around Australia. Nothing will stop hi keeping his promise to Connie,” Samuel writes on the Love Your Sister Facebook page.

What an inspiration! To support Samuel in his efforts please visit

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