Sasha names his ‘love’ song for Sam Frost

Sarah Norton

Former Bachelorette Sam Frost debuted a – kind of romantic – love song for her partner Sasha Mielzcarek earlier in July and now Sash is recording one in return.

The reality TV star spoke to 2Day FM radio host Rove McManus about what he’s going to call his love melody.

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Sam and Sasha. Source: Instagram

Sasha will be recording his song in the studio today and has revealed that he is planning to call it, “Slam into Sam.”

His song is in response to the love track Sam wrote and sang for him called “Crash into Sash.” Sasha said he wanted to stick with a “simple but effective” title.

Sam and Sasha. Source: Instagram

Lyrics in Sam’s song included, “When a girl meets a guy, and all of Australia watches, you feel the pressure to tick off all the boxes…Here’s the trick: Find yourself a man with a real massive…hearrrrrt.”

We’re intrigued to hear what lyrics Sasha will put into his masterpiece.

Sam wasn’t in the studio during the interview this morning because she had just come out of hospital after a small surgery to remove some pre-cancerous cells. The surgery was due to Sam's pap smear results showing a high-grade abnormality.

Rove and Sam. Source: Instagram

The 27-year-old talked to Rove over the phone though - on Rove and Sam this morning - about her health scare.

Sam admitted she was nervous about the operation at first, but said the procedure went well.

While Sam hasn’t got any results back yet, she didn’t seem too worried and assumed if it was anything really serious she would’ve heard by now.

Sam and Sasha. Source: Instagram

The one bonus she said, “I kind of like going under because I slept allll night, it was fantastic.”

Rove then signed off with this banging line: “I wish you and your vagina all the very best.”

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