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Gallery: Scar-Jo's tattoo collection.

"The Avengers" actress Scarlett Johannson, 27, is now sporting her fourth tattoo (or so we think) -- an inking by French artist Fuzi UVTPK.

The tattoo, which is of a horseshoe with the words "LUCKY YOU" and childlike stars around it, reeks of artistic irony. Whomever indeed gets close enough to view the tattoo in the flesh (being that it's on her ribcage) should probably really think themselves lucky.

Scarlett Johansson with artist Fuzi UVTPK who created her tattoo. Credit: Fuzi UVTPK

We're under the impression that this makes tattoo number four for Scar-Jo (one never knows just where else these starlets get them), who also has a rosary bracelet around her right wrist, a small circular picture of a sun rising over the ocean on her inner left forearm and two linked circles above her inner right ankle.

This latest body art addition was done while the actress was visiting Paris last week. The work was reportedly commissioned after visiting an exhibition of Fuzi's art in Le Salon while in Paris.

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