Scary number of groomers suffering hair-removal injuries

Alice Sholl

If you needed another reason to give your grooming routine up and let your hair run wild, it’s this.

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Amongst those that trim their public hair, one in four people will injure themselves in the process.

Cuts being the most common – yes, cuts on your delicate, delicate genitals.

Razors and your private parts are a dangerous combo. Photo: Getty

Findings published by the journal Dermatology found that cuts topped the injury list, followed by burns and rashes.

And a particularly-unlucky 1.4 percent of groomers needed medical attention for their injuries.

Thousands of people were surveyed - and it seems we can't be trusted with grooming our nether regions. Photo: Getty

To get these numbers Doctor Benjamin Breyer from the University of California and his colleagues surveyed 7,570 American women and men, and found that more than three quarters (76.1 percent) of them had trimmed or shaved their nether regions.

They also found that 25.6 percent (1,430) had experienced a hair-removal related injury.

Source: Giphy

Big risk factors being the frequency of grooming and the intensity of it (in other words, getting a Hollywood every month or so won’t do your vagina any good).

In response, doctors have called for a better understanding of how trimming and waxing could lead to injury.

“This study may contribute to the development of clinical guidelines or recommendations for safe pubic hair removal,” said Dr Breyer.

Clearly we need it.

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