Secret to a woman's orgasm

Annabelle Sheldon

The secret to the perfect climax is all in the brain.

Researchers at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, accidentally came across the result after examining brain scans of women while they orgasmed.

The team revealed that when women orgasm it lead to an altered state of consciousness, a discovery that could help females who suffer from anorgasmia reach a climax.

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Research showed that an area of the brain known as orbitofrontal cortex or OFC, switched off when the women climaxed.

Janniko Georgladis, one of the researchers said that the OFC may be the basis for ‘sexual control’ and by ‘letting go’ women are able to induce orgasm.

“When you ask people how they perceive their orgasm, they describe a feeling of a loss of control. I'm not sure if this altered state is necessary to achieve more pleasure or is just some side effect,” he said.

The Dutch researchers created scans that strapped the women into an MRI scanner, taking snapshots of their brain activity while their partner’s, who were allowed in the room, pleasured them to an orgasm.

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The researchers plan on comparing the brain scans of women having an orgasm with those who cannot, aiming to coach the females who suffer from anorgasmia on how to ‘let go’ and achieve a climax.

Kenneth Casey at the University of Michigan said that people who suffer from chronic pain conditions can be taught to reduce and relieve their symptoms by altering how they thought.

“The placebo effect is an easy example of practical top-down control. You believe you are taking a pill that will help and somehow it does,” Mr Casey said.