Secrets hotels don’t tell you

A hotel may serve as your home away from home while travelling and you may revel in not having to clean up after yourself but even the most luxurious accommodations are rarely as hygienic, private or safe as you would think.

1. Peepholes can be two-way
A peephole should offer a clear, unobstructed view. If it is unclear, cloudy or in any way compromised, it is unsafe. A tampered peephole may be an indication of a peephole camera: a reverse lens that allows an outside viewer to see inside a hotel room.

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2. Rinse the glasses on offer
The water glasses by the bathroom sink were possibly just wiped with a rag or rinsed in plain water. Rinse them yourself with soap before using just to be on the safe side.

3. Don’t fondle the remote control
It is likely to be the dirtiest thing in the room, the one thing all guests touch and the one thing staff are unlikely to clean – the remote control. A 2012 study by the University of Houston found that remotes are typically as contaminated as the toilet.

4. Bedbugs are a real issue
Hotels are a perfect environment for bedbugs— lots of turnover and lots of beds. Unfortunately, there's really nothing hotels can do to prevent travellers from bringing them in, since bedbugs are tiny and can hitch a ride on clothes or luggage.

5. Blankets aren’t washed every day
Your sheets and towels are always fresh but blankets in hotel rooms are not washed that regularly, avoid touching them too much.

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