Self proclaimed sceptic freaks out when ghost scratches him

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A self-confessed 'sceptic' who attended a ghost hunt quickly regretted goading the spirits.

Dad of three Luke Jackson joined South Yorkshire Ghost Hunters at the Monkwood Pub near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, but remained cynical about the investigation.

He spent most of the time jokingly provoking the supposed spirit to 'show him what he could do'.

But he quickly regretted it – when he was scratched by the angered entity.

Sceptic Luke Jackson attends a ghost hunt. Photo: Caters

"I remember saying 'do something to show us you are here',” Luke says.

"At that point it just felt like pins being dragged down my back. It wasn't that smooth.

"I've always been sceptical and I was a sceptic up until that point and I've always tried to disbelieve and disprove – but after that night in February my view has changed completely.”

Luke says the night started normal enough as the group used an Ouija board, and he spent time walking around the room.

The group were on a hunt in South Yorkshire. Photo: Caters

He actually admits that he wasn’t paying much attention at that point.

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“But after that, the table started moving quite a bit and the Ouija board started moving around too,” he remembers.

"The table started moving around in a circle and then just stopped completely and we tried to get it going again and asked if anybody was out there.”

The group gathers around a table that started moving. Photo: Caters

He says the next thing they noticed a huge build up of energy and a really high electro-magnetic field reading at the table.

"It was at that point that I challenged the spirit. I said 'if you have as much power as you say you really do, do something that will show us that you are definitely here'. It was virtually instantaneous,” he explains.

"I could feel three pins down my back, it felt almost like a knife.

"I suppose it felt a bit like claws, or nails, or maybe the paws of a dog that jumps up at you when you go home.”

He says it felt like three pins or claws on his back. Photo: Caters

Luke says the marks didn’t hurt and went away after three days but at the time he was quite shocked. The 35-year-old was so taken aback by the incident that he needed to sit down and have a 'pint and a fag', along with a five-minute breather outside the pub before carrying on.

"I lifted up my shirt to show everyone and they couldn't explain it either,” he says.

"To be honest I want to think about the whole experience as little as humanly possible. It was like nothing I have ever felt before."

The incident has made Luke want to attend more hunts. Photo: Caters

Despite being a sceptic Luke had always been interested in the paranormal - but now he now attends regular weekly session with the South Yorkshire Ghost Hunters.

The head of the group, Martin Brasher, says he can’t really explain what happened but believes it may have been a demon or similar.

"I think it was a demon trying to contact Luke,” Martin says.

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