Seven Year Switch's Cass and Ryan have split

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

We’ve been following the adventures of their super-cute family on Instagram ever since we first met Cass and Ryan Thistleton on Seven Year Switch last year.

The parents of three chose to stay together after going on the controversial reality show, and when the series ended it seemed that the pair were stronger than ever.

We first met married couple Ryan and Cass Thistleton on reality series Seven Year Switch. Source: Channel Seven

They even welcomed a new baby, daughter Mena, after filming.

But all is not how it seems on social media, with the pair revealing to New Idea that they have decided to separate after realising it just wasn’t working.

The couple (with kids Ramani, left and Mena) regularly post cute family pics. Source: Instagram

As Cass, 34, told the magazine, there was no “big fight or anything like that”.

“It was just more a realisation,” she continues. “Staying together for your children is not the right reason, you need to be happy.”

The devoted parents are determined to make their split easy on their three kids. Source: Instagram

Ryan, also 34, reveals that he dealt with depression and anxiety after their son Dex was stillborn four years ago.

“I put the weight of the family on [Cass’] shoulders to stay strong and keep it together,” he told the publication. “I’ve never forgiven myself for falling into that mental state.”

Ryan (pictured with daughter Mena) dealt with depression and anxiety after son Dex was stillborn four years ago. Source: Instagram

Cass adds that “a relationship can only survive so long when it’s been through that much.”

Ryan and Cass got together six years ago after first connecting as teens and are parents to Emmerson, two, Mena, eight months, and 10-year-old Ramani, Cass' daughter from a previous relationship.

The couple posted this shot, captioned

In order for the conscious uncoupling to go as smoothly as possible for their kids, New Idea reports that Ryan has moved to a new place just around the corner from his ex.

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“I’m desperate for our separation not to have a negative impact on our children,” he told the magazine.

Despite their split, Cass tells New Idea that they will always have “a special bond”, with Ryan adding “there’s still love there.”

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