Seven Year Switch's Kaitlyn hits back after nude photo scandal

Emma Shepherd

American reality star Kaitlyn Isham from controversial show Seven Year Switch has called Australians "prudes" on Wednesday after explicit nude images of the reality star emerged online.

"All Australians need to lighten up," she told The Daily Telegraph.

The contestant of the show thinks all Australians are prudes. Source: Channel 7
Kaitlyn called her self 'Silly_Mermaid' and 'Mermz' on the webcam site. Source: Supplied

The 28-year-old blonde went on to say, "I was born to shock, I'm still going to be Kaitlyn and open-minded and say whatever I'm thinking."

And that's definitely what she has done - shocked fans as graphic nude photos of the contestant emerged from an adult webcam site, which were posted on an online forum yesterday.

The reality star said

The images surfaced after the US internet forum realised she was a contestant on a show on the Australian television show.

It's also believed that the Florida native went by the name of "Silly_Mermaid" and "Mermz" on the webcam site.

Meanwhile after the revelation, Channel 7 later issues a public statement to Daily Mail Australia, which read: "Kaitlyn is honest about her social website activity which happened several years ago during a very low point in her life."

It continued: "As she rebuilt her life and came to terms with the heartbreaking loss of a treasured family member, Kaitlyn took control of mistakes she had made and tried to remove the offending vision that was no longer a truthful representation of her or her life".

Meanwhile even on the show, the star likes to shock, and Tuesday night's episode didn't disappoint with Kaitlyn and Michael headlining the drama.

Peek-a-boo: American beauty leaves nothing the the imagination while flashing her nipples in the pool. Channel 7

Kaitlyn couldn't help but swoon over her new partner Michael, flirting openly with the father-of-two by the pool.

At the luxury mansion, she couldn't help herself but act seductive towards her new show partner saying, "If my nipples are hanging out, can you say pancake?" while enjoying the water and flirting.

"Pancake?" Michael said.

"Yeah cause they just pop out a lot and... just say pancake," Kaitlyn responded.

But low and behold the American beauty couldn't contain herself and whipped out her nipple in which Michael then screamed, “PANCAKE!"

She later gave Michael a massage, and told him she was a "trained masseuse."

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