Sexist ‘vagina’ email from Hollywood bigshot goes viral

Olivia Morris

An accidental reply-all email containing some very sexist language from a bigshot at a Hollywood talent agency has gone viral.

The recipient who released the email contents was the former assistant of the bigshot at the agency, Rosette Laursen.

An accidential reply-all email from a Hollywood bigshot containing some very sexist comments has gone viral. Source: Getty

She had put in a request to her boss – who she refers to as “Jorkle” – to have a day off to take part in “A Day Without A Woman,” which is aimed to promote the value if women in the workplace for diversity.

However, Rosette received a reply that she was not expecting nor was it actually intended for her eyes to see.

Rosette Laursen has gone public with email which referred to her as an

In a rookie move, Jorkle accidentally hit “reply-all” to the email which was apparently only intended for the male colleagues to read.

The email read: “Are you f***ing kidding me. At the end of pilot season. Someone should sew her vagina shut. I’m never hiring a girl ever again.”

Her boss also referred to Rosette as an “uppity selfish c**t” and said that “anyone at a casting office or agency would be fired” if they made such a request.

The email was never meant to be seen by Rosette, but it may be a blessing in disguise. Source: Facebook
The message was apparently only meant for the eyes of her male coworkers. Source: Facebook

On her Facebook Rosette said: “Many Hollywood assistants are underpaid and overworked, yet we are more than willing to do everything it takes to pay our dues to reach our goals and dreams. But in return there needs to be a basic level of respect from our bosses. Nothing fancy, just human decency.”

Jorkle did give Rosette an apology although a rather unconvential one.

He texted her saying: “I apologize for venting like a misogynistic f****t. I was letting off steam I didn’t mean to hit reply all. I’m an a**hole. If you come back we can play Nazi death camp. You can beat me and put me in the oven. Or feed me cabbage and lock me in the shower. I am truly sorry.”

Jorkle sent her a very bizarre

She wasn’t a fan of this at all and just replied: “I quit.”

Some of her colleagues actually pleaded for Rosette to reconsider and come back to work saying the email was “just a joke” but she wasn’t having any of it.

She goes on to explain that her lawyer tried number of times to contact Jorkle to negotiate some compensation but he just ignored these attempts.

That is when she decided to go public with the whole ordeal because she wasn’t interested in the money.

This was her

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At the end of her post Rosette actually reveals Jorkle to be Michael Einfeld who owns Michael Einfeld Talent Management in Los Angeles.

She also included a photo of the “Christmas bonus” she received which was some cheap lingerie which made her “look like a ham”.

Hopefully this is a blessing in disguise and better things are to come for Rosette. All the best, girl!

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