Café diners' horror as rat falls from ceiling

Aletha Wilkinson

Patrons at a hotpot café in Shanghai were left scrambling for safety after a rat suddenly plummeted from the ceiling.

"At the time, we were sat at the square table and I heard a sudden bang and something fell," one customer, Mr Yuan, told local news outlet The Paper.

Diners were stunned when a live rat fell from the ceiling at a Shanghai food outlet. Source: AsiaWire

"I asked a male student sitting on my right-hand side and he said he saw a rat falling onto the dining car."

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One diner clutched her small child as the rat lay on the tray in front of them.

Young children were present when the rat made its appearance. Source: AsiaWire

In an even more repulsive twist, the rat died from its injuries not long after the fall, with onlookers saying they saw it twitching in its death throes.

Not anyone's ideal dining companion. Source: Getty

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