Shocking moment clubgoer's butt is set on fire

Aletha Wilkinson

A Jamaican clubgoer was forced to rip off her shorts, tights and underwear in the middle of a crowded dancefloor after a prankster set her bottom on fire as she twerked.

Footage taken from inside the Montego nightclub shows the woman desperately swatting at her rear in a bid to tamp out the flames, to no avail.

The woman's backside quickly catches alight. Source: Screenshot

A man could previously be seen pouring some kind of (flammable) fluid, possibly vodka, on her backside as she twerked on a speaker. He then flicked a lighter near the fabric of her shorts, which instantly ignited into dramatic flames.

The woman tries in vain to put out the fire. Source: Screenshot

As horrified onlookers stand by, the woman runs panicked around the dancefloor, slapping her own behind as the flames continue to grow.

The flames grow. Source: Screenshot

Finally, with her skin no doubt suffering from the proximity of the fire, the woman has no choice but to tear off the burning garments, leaving her half naked in the club in front of dozens of other patrons.

The woman is eventually forced to tear off her shorts and underpants. Source: Screenshot

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