Shopper finds pornographic carrot

Allison Yee

If you thought going grocery shopping was pretty much the least sexy thing you could do, one Victorian woman has proved us all wrong.

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Lizzie Fenwick was doing her normal shop at her local Geelong supermarket when she accidentally picked up some X-rated produce.

No matter what the angle, this carrot looks pretty suss. Photo: Facebook

The offending veg?

Two carrots that appeared to share the same top – and in the process, closely resemble parts of the male anatomy.

You'll never look at carrots the same way again. Photo: Facebook

Filming the pornographic-looking carrot in all its glory - both front and back - Lizzie then posted it to the supermarket’s Facebook page.

“Dear Woolies, is there a prize for ‘Oddest of the Odd Bunch’?” Lizzie captioned the video.

“I think I have a carrot that might win it! (*Shield your children's eyes now*)”

Lizzie quickly realised her X-rated carrot deserved a social media shout out. Photo: Facebook

Lizzie admits she couldn’t bear to chow down on the rude carrot, instead leaving it at work for her workmates to giggle at.

“It certainly made my day at work more amusing,” Lizzie told the Daily Mail. “We used it to 'brighten up' the office [because] I couldn't bring myself to eat it!'

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