Sienna laughs off Brad rumours

Amy Stevenson

They were reportedly seen getting 'cosy' over the weekend at Glastonbury, but if we're hoping to see 'Brienna' we may have to wait a while longer.

Despite reports to the contrary, Sienna Miller is "laughing off" rumours she and Brad Pitt are hooking up, and is allegedly even dating someone else!

Sienna Miller reportedly finds the
Brad was spotted enjoying the sights and sounds at Glastonbury! Source: BBC

"Sienna's finding it all very funny with friends have been texting her about Brienna laughing," an insider told MailOnline, dashing our hopes of a new Hollywood couple with a fun celeb name.

The source goes on to add the 35-year-old Factory Girl actress has been "happily" dating Moneyball director Bennett Miller and is miffed as to where the rumours of a romance with Brad keep coming from.

"She's happily with Bennett and has no idea where these rumours keep coming from. They're just not true. Brad's a great friend but nothing more," the source continued to the outlet.

"They were hanging out at the Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury but they were with a big group."

After happily posing with fans and musicians at the iconic UK festival, Brad was reportedly seen getting close with Sienna, setting off rumours the pair were engaged in a "casual summer romance".

It's not the first time the actress has been linked to Brad this year! Source: Getty
UK duo Royal Blood got up close and personal with the star at Glasto. Source: Instagram

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"It's early days, but they are very into each other and enjoying a carefree, casual summer romance," a source told The Sun after Brad and Sienna were spotted in a Glasto VIP after-party together.

"They're both absolutely determined to keep everything under wraps. Their goal is to explore things without any massive publicity. It could all fizzle out, so they're waiting to see."

The insider continued to The Sun: "Brad and Sienna couldn't keep their hands off each other, touching and stroking each other at every opportunity. They seemed really intimate."

It's not the first time "Brienna" have been romantically linked in 2017, with the pair also the centre of rumours back in April, however Sienna later dismissed the whispers, labelling them as "silly".

Brad posed for a selfwith witth singer Chris Simmons... and was photobombed by Bradley Cooper! Source: Instagram

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