Simon Cowell as you've never seen him before

Aletha Wilkinson

He's the smooth, suave, slightly mean uncle you never wanted to sit next to at Christmas

And it turns out that while Simon Cowell has always been, let's say, opinionated, he used to look quite different, as a 1987 clip of him demonstrates.

Wake me up before you go? Source: YouTube

Sporting a perfectly blow-dried, dark-blonde perm and loose white T-shirt casually rolled up at the sleeves, '80s-era Simon looked more like the lost member of Wham! than a well-dressed media mogul.

Definitely him. It's those forearms. Source: YouTube

Listening to young Simon whinging about the poor production of a sex-education TV show, you can almost imagine he's behind the judges' desk on The X-Factor – except that his voice is pitched at an almost munchkin-level squeak.

'Ahahaha it sounds like he inhaled helium,' one commenter wrote on YouTube, and they're not wrong.

This is probably what you think of when you hear 'Simon Cowell'. Source: Getty

Mr Cowell probably wishes this one had stayed in the vault.

Still smug. Source: YouTube

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