Simple Band-Aid hack is life-changing

Marie Claire Dorking

Plasters might be the natural go-to for cuts and scrapes, but you can guarantee that within five minutes of sticking one on, it’ll have curled up, come off and left an unsightly, sticky, black mark in it’s place. Every. Single. Time! *Sighs*

But turns out, it might not actually be the plaster’s fault and in fact we could have been applying them all wrong this whole time.

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Japanese Twitter user @ponzuyo may well have found the perfect hack for ensuring your plaster stays in place and doesn’t end up curled up abandoned on the floor.

Never be frustrated with an annoyingly unsticky plaster ever again with this hack. Photo: Getty images

Sharing a picture-drawn diagram of the step-by-step hack, @ponzuyo revealed what he believes to be the perfect way to apply a Band-Aid.

The hack involves cutting a plaster horizontally from both ends leaving the padded part untouched, before wrapping the strips of band-aid diagonally around the finger to ensure a secure fit across the cut.

With just a few simple cuts, your plaster will be infinitely much easier to use. Photo: Twitter/ponzuyo

Since posting the image has quickly gone viral wracking up almost 90K retweets and more than 175K likes.

“Mind blown,” one user commented on the post, while another declared the simple, yet useful hack to be a “game changer!”

It isn’t the first time a plaster hack has hit the Internet. In 2015 a life hack video posted by CrazyRussianHacker revealed another genius method for ensuring your plaster actually stays in place.

Cut a Band-Aid into a butterfly shape to make it stick better. Photo: Youtube/CrazyRussianHacker

In the short clip shared to YouTube the rectangular plaster was cut into a simple butterfly shape. The Band-Aid is then flipped vertically and the tip of the cut finger placed at the plaster’s midpoint. Finally the plaster is folded over the finger and the edges wrapped around the sides.

Once cut, the plaster is much more effective in staying in place. Photo: Youtube/CrazyRussianHacker

Once he does the same thing with the other half of the Band-Aid on the other side of his thumb, the cut is completely covered without any exposed areas and the plaster remains firmly in place.

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